Who is Boney M?


So I was watching stand-up comedy the other night on Netflix, as I love to do, and since I’ve almost gone through all of the new arrivals in the genre, I thought why not watch a french comedian tonight. I mean might as well take advantage of being bilingual right? (By the way, Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra is pee your pants hilarious, so definitely check that out.) So I decided to check out Gaspard Proust’s Tapine – which directly translates to Gaspard Proust whoring out. Anywho, a very funny show, which touches on all of the touchy subjects: pedophilia, the middle east, nazis and he even goes on to conjecture if Jesus is gay. Simply put, pure humour noir à la française.

What does any of this have to do with Boney M? So at one point Proust introduces a sketch about his parents with the words Daddy, Daddy Cool and I thought to myself ahh I love that song. So obviously I had to listen to it on repeat a couple of times on Napster, which led me to listen to other songs by Boney M, and I realised that they had made a lot of other songs that I love, which I had no idea were theirs. Among these : Rasputin and Sunny.

I actually always thought Sunny was by Bill Withers for some reason. So who is Boney M? They are a euro-caribbean disco-funk group from the 70s. Who’s debut album, Take the Heat off Me took off and climed the charts.

This being said I should probably note, that in later years, it became known that some of the singers of the group actually never recorded their voices on the album, and there was a huge scandal surrounding these accusations.

But either way, the songs are still amazing!

If i pick up DJing again this song will definitely be on my playlist:

If you want to get groovey, go have yourself a Boney M jam session on youtube.





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