The Joli Rouge

The name Joli Rouge which translates to Pretty Red is the french equivalent of the Jolly Roger.

The Joli Rouge is a real treasure trove, where one can find 20th century objects, for home decoration; items which are carefully selected by the store owner Amèlie who runs this flea market shop with her cousin Joaquim.



The Joli Rouge is the perfect place to come and find everyday objects, that will please any taste. This antique shop has a very special vibe, one can easily notice the care and precision in which each piece is chosen and displayed. The store is full of “loot” that is personally selected from special markets and auctions, so that every item has a story and can find it’s new owner.



The Joli Rouge is an associative society meaning that the shop has members who pay a small annual fee of 5€, to take part in the establishment’s organized events, gatherings and also to have a drink at the little bar, while shopping to chat with other members and the owners. The Joli Rouge organizes events for the members like “vernisages” to promote artists, up and coming designers and also holds private sales.




Evry nook and cranny in the Joli Rouge is filled to the brim with beautiful and exotic items, giving the store a homey feel. In the back room is an open space reserved for the gatherings and art displays; The Joli Rouge is currently presenting the drawings of well known Parisian Street Artist Fred Le Chevalier until the end of the month.



Joli Rouge has teamed up with Marion Mélo a local Vintage Clothing Aficionado of the Sepia Swing Club on Etsy. Marion who hand picks special Vintage Items with a great style displays her collection at the Joli Rouge.



While construction in Marseille is at an all time high with an intent to turn run down neighbourhoods into splendidly grandiose avenues and the result of which is slowly moving marseille’s city center toward the coast; The owners of the Joli Rouge enjoy remaining a part of the old vibe of the center of Marseille which is in their opinion urban and has it’s very own heartbeat. This sentiment is easily felt among the objects and trendy shoppers found inside this snug little shop.



The Joli Rouge plans to host 3 gatherings per week until midnight for members so
Stop by and become a member soon at:
72 Rue d’Aubagne, 13001 Marseille



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