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Let’s talk cupcakes!

I really wasn’t a big cupcake fan until I discovered this cupcake shop. I’ve always found store-bought cupcake frosting to be too sweet. That all changed the moment I discovered Mademoiselle Cupcake in the Cours Julien district of Marseille. The frosting is delectable smooth and creamy. From the moment I took my first bite, i was sold. I might even be in danger of becoming a cupcake fanatic!


imageMademoiselle Cupcake is cozy and quaint, and the urban graffitied logo on the wall gives it a nice Marseille touch.



imageSitting under the lovely chadelier I drank a warm and tasty Chai Tea Lattes. There’s also cold refreshing Hibiscuis and Ginger Drinks. And i’ll definitely be coming back in the afternoon to try one of the salmon and avacado bagels.

imageNow for the actual Cupcakes. They are really fantastic!


-with a delicious jelly filling

imageChocolate Chip Cookie

imageYou can have a seat in a little cranny with a book or with friends amongst the comfy cushions.

imageMademoiselle Cupcake is such a cosy little shop that offers tasty treats; a calm retreat to gather and spend a nice afternoon.

To visit this super tea salon:

Mademoiselle Cupcake
Adresseย : 25 Rue des Bergers, 13006 Marseille


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