A Cup of Joe to-go at Mana Espresso

“extraordinary coffee”


Ok You’re in France, so you’re not lacking in places to have good coffee. But if you want extraordinary coffee, then you Have to try Mana Espresso. Freshly Brewed Coffee, who’s origin and variety changes with the seasons. My coffee this time came from ethiopia and had a nice kick.


Let’s talk food.


The food is all homemade and vegetarian! I wanted litterally everything so I ordered 3 plates. #sonotsorry  I had the carrot soup, cheddar and avocado tartines (toast) and fresh scones with jam and butter. The slices of toast were thick and hearty, I felt like I was eating at the breakfast table in a Jane Austen novel.


The scones were authentic so buttery they melt in your mouth.


If you want to get your dose of daily vitamins, i reccomend one of the fresh fruit smoothies, I ordered the red smoothie with ginger, beets, apple and carrot. It tastes great alongside a Chaï Tea Latte.


Mana Espresso has teamed up with lokkikombucha,
in an exclusive partnership. They now offer the Kombucha tea alongside their delicious vegetarian brunch. The tea comes in exotic flavors like and Ginger Carrot, Blueberry Basil.


For those of you wondering what Kombucha is, it is any sweetened green or black tea, that is fermented and slightly bubbly.


Every Afternoon Mana does Tea-TIme! Where you can nibble some delicious baked goods, (try the scones!) over coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a Matcha Latte, which is all the rage these days.


The Two lovely young owners are from England, so you can grab your cup of joe to go in a cute little cup or stay for a little chat, they’re very nice, and might tell you about the frightening story that gave Mana Espresso her name.


Mana Espresso                                                                                            Address: 12 Rue des Bernardines, 13100 Aix-en-Provence Provence             http://www.manaespresso.fr/

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